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Heroes House - How do we end veteran homelessness and help the community

Sunday, February 03, 2019 7:39 PM | Anonymous

The International District is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Albuquerque, filled with drugs, crime and major social problems. But how do we fix our city?

By providing safe housing for our veterans in need. 

Our goal is to revitalize this neighborhood one building at a time because this is our city. Heroes Walk Among Us has a plan and a vision with this new property in The International District. When you can take pride in where you live and put good people in a home, a rundown neighborhood can come back to life. The idea of this property is to give our local New Mexico Veterans the “Hand Up” that they need and at the same time make this neighborhood safe again.

​HWAU Heroes House is a two building 8-unit complex. Each unit is 570 square feet with two bedrooms and one bath. Each building is four units with a small courtyard with a potential recreation area to the west for leisure and barbecuing. The parking lot can hold 12 tenant vehicles with easy access to the freeway, public transportation, and shopping facilities. We see the potential in these buildings because it can give a veteran a fresh start. There is no price tag on dignity and the camaraderie
 of being with other veterans.  

HWAU is looking for local community leaders and business to help make this project become a reality. HWAU Heroes House needs repairs that Heroes Walk Among Us cannot complete alone without your support. Both buildings need exterior stucco, new roofs, windows and security walls to make our veterans feel safe. Interior to the building, we need appliances, cabinets, flooring, and bathroom fixtures. Anything that you think a home needs is what HWAU is looking for. The goal of our project is to show Albuquerque and the nation that when you care about our veterans in a bad neighborhood, both can heal.

If you want to help or know of a veteran that needs a "hand up" Contact us here

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